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Ground Support 2023
10–12 October 2023 | Perth, Western Australia
Hyatt Regency Perth


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Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event.  Through supporting Ground Support 2023, sponsors and exhibitors have the ability to access a highly targeted market for networking, and promoting products, services and brand awareness.

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Principal Sponsor


JENNMAR is a proud Australian manufacturer of high-quality ground support products and systems for mining and tunnelling.

JENNMAR continues to be the benchmark in Australian underground mining for new ground support product development and mine site service support.

Over the last ten years, JENNMAR’s new product development program…

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has largely focussed on products that can deliver measurable productivity improvements to our customers. These successful improvements have included higher product strengths, fewer installation steps, fewer bolt installations required, greater installed quality and reduced surface and underground logistical requirements. In most situations, these improvements are quantifiable and the subsequent cost improvement can be considerable.

The most successful of these new products has been JENNMAR’s Spin2Stall/Rapid Development resin bolting system, with more than 13 million of these bolts being installed in Australian underground mines since their introduction in early 2014. The commitment shown by JENNMAR and our customers to develop subsequent cost improvement measures and jointly maintain them, has enabled detailed quantification of the sustained benefits.

JENNMAR’s Mech Lok Bolt is designed for easy installation in poor and difficult conditions such as squeezing and quazi-static ground. The Mech Lok Bolt is an effective alternative to resin bolting, requiring no changes to existing Jumbo drill rigs for rapid and efficient installation.

To date, the benefits of these successes have been limited to measuring the improvement on the ground support installation process and in some cases to additional development advance being achieved.

However, it is possible that a larger cost improvement benefit is being overlooked by limiting the evaluation to the directly related activities. The flow on effect of cost improvements should be considered across the entire mining operation rather than being isolated to the directly related activities.

Data captured by JENNMAR over the last eight years has demonstrated that small sustainable time savings (productivity improvements) over an extended period can lead to operational cost improvements of a magnitude that can never be achieved from cost savings.

If you want access to new product developments designed specifically for Australian mining conditions, the greatest chance for the success comes from partnering with an Australian manufacturer. The time commitment required to develop and evaluate new products and systems can be considerable on both the supplier and the customer, without adding the additional time required for the evaluation of overseas produced products.

At the Ground Support 2023 conference, JENNMAR will be launching a completely new ground support system, Falcon Bolt.

JENNMAR’s Falcon Bolt has the potential to change how you select your ground support, how you install your ground support, and how you measure the overall benefits achieved from these decisions.

We look forward to the opportunity to catch up with our many friends and associates within the mining fraternity in Perth in October. Sharing global developments, and hearing about the important advancements being achieved elsewhere within our industry.

Industry Sponsors


DSI Underground is a leading Australian provider of Ground Support products and systems for the Underground Mining and Tunnelling industries.

DSI Underground stands as the premier manufacturer and provider of specialised strata reinforcement and support solutions for both soft and hard rock underground mining and tunnelling sectors both globally and in Australia. A pivotal milestone in our journey is our integration with Sandvik Mining and Rock Technologies, propelling us into a new era of innovation and collaboration.

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Our local presence is fortified by production facilities strategically positioned across the APAC region in Newcastle, Perth, and Brisbane, as well as in Indonesia’s Surabaya. Our commitment to producing locally is a testament to our dedication to offering unparalleled service and ensuring a swift and secure supply chain, directly benefiting our customers. Additionally, our well-situated branches cater to the localised needs of our clients.
DSI Underground boasts a rich history of pioneering advancements and enhancing safety standards within the realm of underground operations. Having originated as a specialised division within Dywidag-Systems International, we achieved independent status in 2017. Notably, Sandvik’s acquisition of DSI Underground in 2021 has unlocked remarkable prospects, granting us access to Sandvik’s elite R&D capabilities and an extensive global network for service and sales. Guided by our “Reinforcing Progress” strategy, our workforce, exceeding 2,000 professionals, including specialised engineers, spans across 70 countries worldwide.
The intricacies of mining and tunnelling engineering demand distinct expertise and technical finesse, qualities inherently embodied by our teams. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of the industry, we bring a wealth of experience and firsthand insights to address the unique challenges presented to us.
Our substantial production capacity and scalable resources empower us to fulfil a variety of demands, including urgent or high-volume orders. As a notable global player, we leverage our purchasing influence to ensure competitive pricing across all the markets we serve.
We stand ready to embrace innovation in the era of Industry 4.0 and the digital mine. We’re exploring the potential of technologies like LiDAR, drones (manned and autonomous) and 3D printing, poised to revolutionise our industries. Our approach is guided by recognising opportunities and benefits, which we passionately pursue to enhance underground operations’ efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
Integral to our ethos is a steadfast commitment to surpassing both national and international standards while advocating for ethical and sustainable work practices. This commitment is enshrined within our code of conduct, encapsulated by the “DSI Underground Spirit.” Our dedication to progress, safety, and integrity continues to define our journey forward.

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